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MyProtein Protein Brownies Review

my protein protein brownies

Update: 25th May 2016 – Protein Blondie Review (White Chocolate Chip Protein Brownie) Added Ever been dieting, craved a brownie, and spent countless hours looking for a healthy brownie recipe to make yourself? It probably involves using weird protein powders,

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My Protein Pasta & My Protein Zero Rice Review

my protein my rice review

What good Englishman doesn’t love a good pasta bake or curry? You know the kind of pasta bake I mean, swimming around in a creamy, rich tomato sauce, layered with onions, peppers, mushrooms and an assortment of meat. Topped with

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MyProtein Protein Granola Review

Granola is one of my favourite kinds of cereal. I remember being a lil’ clanger & banger, watching Marvel’s “action hour” on Fox Kids, Pokemon, and WWE(then WWF Smackdown) on Saturday mornings, perched in my living room, as my Mam would

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MYSYRUP Review – Zero Calorie Syrup from MyProtein


Walden Farms has dominated the low/zero calorie syrup & spread market in America for years. Over here in the UK we’ve got low calorie syrups from The Protein Works & GoNutrition. There was a noticable absence of low kcal syrups

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MYPRE REVIEW – The MyProtein Pre Workout Supplement

MYPRE Review

I’ve reviewed a ton of My Protein Supplements on the site. However pre-workouts are something i’ve never covered from My Protein. Why? Well because their pre workout range isn’t very prominent. They have a lot of amino acid blends, all

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