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Even the cleanest of clean eaters can enjoy a bottle full of MYSYRUP guilt free. An excellent way to add some sweet flavour to your diet, without the high fat & sugar.

Walden Farms has dominated the low/zero calorie syrup & spread market in America for years. Over here in the UK we’ve got low calorie syrups from The Protein Works & GoNutrition.

There was a noticable absence of low kcal syrups from MyProtein however… until now.

My Protein have recently released their “MYSYRUP” low calorie syrups. In this MYSYRUP review find out if they’re worth adding to your condiment cupboard, or leaving at the door.

MYSYRUP ReviewOverview

MYSYRUP are a low calorie syrup or sweet sauce.

They come in a choice of 5 flavours which are:


First of all let me give you my run down on each of the flavours.


Blueberry: A good natural flavour. This has the most authentic syrup texture/flavour in my opinion.

Butterscotch: Tastes very similar to the Maple Syrup flavour in my opinion. I’d personally go for the Maple Syrup.

Chocolate: Doesn’t taste anything like a regular chocolate syrup. Definitely do not try it by itself (although, why would you be eating syrup on its own). Over food, or mixed in with food however, it creates a non-artificial chocolate flavour.

Maple Syrup: This is the stuff right here. You wouldn’t even think you’re eating a “low calorie” version syrup here. No faults what so ever. Definitely the best tasting, and in my opinion, most versatile MYSYRUP. 10/10 would buy.

Raspberry: Good authentic flavour. This is another one i’d buy regular.

mysyrup zero calorie syrup reviewsTexture

This is the term “syrup” needs to borrow poetic license. A regular syrup is very gooey and gloopy.

Imagine going for a 99er ice cream and pouring your monkeys blood over it. It comes out slow. Its thick. The spreading is methodical. Like a work of art.

MYSYRUP, just like Walden Farms and TPW Zero calorie Syrups do not have the thick, gloopy, syrup consistency.

They’re barely thicker than water. Maybe like skimmed milk. Very runny. You definitely need to be careful as your pour these out, as one squeeze too hard will mean you’ve got 3-4 times more than you actually wanted.

Nutrition & Macros

We’ve all been fooled into thinking “healthy foods” are pretty much free reign, until we inspect the packets. I didn’t just check the macros of these for the MYSYRUP review. I always check the nutrition labels of anything I eat, more in particular of “healthy foods”, to see if they stack up to regular versions.

The macros for MYSYRUP are awesome, and pretty much means you can have free reign over eating them.

A 5g serving has just 0.3kcals. Thats right, not even 1 whole calorie.

Per 100ml of MYSRUP you’re looking at;

Fat 0g
Sugar 0g
Fiber 1.1g
Protein 0g


I suppose its a bit naughty of them to say its 0 carbs, when its a gram of fibre. But hey, it is what it is.

Bare in mind that a bottle is 400ml. That means you’re getting 80 5g servings. So it pretty much is zero calories.

Personally however, I don’t qualify 5g as a serving. There is zero chance that a full bottle of MYSYRUP would last me 80 servings. I just squirt it over whatever im eating and im good.

At a guess i reckon i’d probably get closer to 35 servings out of a bottle.

Flexible Dieting – How to use MYSYRUP?

Zero Syrup Yoghurt Recipe IdeaEven the most flexible of flexible dieters will have a hard time fitting regular syrups and sauces into their diet.

Protein Pancakes are easy to fit into even the most hardcore bodybuilding diet. Regular pancakes or waffles are a staple of any flexible dieters refeed day.

However adding some maple syrup, golden syrup, chocolate sauce or whatever else you want to add to them…… well you’re going to have to give up a lot of calories else where.

The thing I love about zero calorie syrups is that no matter how “clean” you eat, or how strict your diet is, you can enjoy MYSYRUP guilt free.

I typical enjoy my zero calorie syrups with

I love making sluge with impact whey and frozen blueberries, so adding a bit of syrup over the top is like the “icing on the cake” for me.

There are a ton of other things you could use them onto, such as protein mug cakes, high protein ice cream, or frozen yoghurt.

Final Words

If you’ve ever had zero calorie syrups from The Protein Works, then you know exactly what to expect here. Im pretty sure many of MyProtein Supplements are sourced from the same suppliers as The Protein Works, GoNutrition and other cheap supplement discount stores.

For a 400ml bottle you’re looking at £4.49 RRP. Of course, using any of our Myprotein discount codes means you’re going to save money.

I’ve used The Protein Works zero syrups in the past during contest prep, and will continue to use MYSYRUP through contest prep this year.

If you’re uncertain what flavour to go go, then you can’t go wrong the the Maple Syrup flavour. However i’d definitely recommend trying them all to see which ones you like.

The only real downer on these is that the texture is nothing like normal syrups. Its much runnier, and thinner. However that’s a trade off im more than happy to make to keep my diet on track.

It was a pleasure trying & writing this MYSYRUP review. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone, no matter how “strict” or “clean” of an eater you are. Add some flavour into your diet!

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