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ThermoPure Fat Burner Capsules aren't magic beans. They wont make the fat magically drop off you. However if you're busting your balls and eating right, ThermoPure can help you shed those last few bits of stubborn fat.

If you’re looking to get shredded for summer (and lets be honest, who isn’t) then you’ve probably thought about trying a fat burner. With so many on the market, its easy to piss your money away on empty promises and crappy products. ThermoPure from MyProtein is a fat loss supplement that can help you can lose weight and get shredded. Should you invest? Read our ThermoPure Review to find out!

ThermoPure Overview

ThermoPure is a fat loss supplement, manufactured by MyProtein with a thermogenic effect. It comes in gelatine capsules, much like fish oils or CLA do. They’re easy to swallow, and convenient to take. What does ThermoPure actually contain though?

Ingredients:ThermoPure Review

  • Green Tea Extract (95% Polyphenols)
  • L Tyrosine
  • Caffeine
  • L Theanine (98%)
  • Raspberry Ketone extract
  • Capsicum extract
  • Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCl)
  • Bioperine
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Vitamin B12

ThermoPure’s thermogenic effect (aka the ability to speed up your resting energy expenditure by boosting your metabolism to help with fat loss) is attributed to the Cayenne, Rasperry Ketone and most commonly known, Green Tea extract.

ThermoPure doesn’t contain lactose, gluten or any filler crap, what you’re getting is what is listed above. Each of these ingredients will help speed up your metabolism, to a certain extent, contributing to fat loss.

Green Tea Extract, one of the key ingredients in My Protein’s Thermopure is high in polphenols. These are proven through research to be a strong antioxidant power, which reduced free radical levels within our bodies, and is believed to (possibly) contribute to reducing cancer cells in the body.

Caffeine and Raspberry Ketone, the 2 other main ingredients in Thermopure are also proven to help accelerate the metabolism. A fast metabolism is key to fat loss, and retaining muscle.

MyProtein’s Claims Of ThermoPure

  • Targets fat burning, the no.1 concern for men and women
  • Promising ingredient formula with science based studies to back it up
  • Helps with exercise performance through raising energy levels
  • Includes Bioperine for enhanced ingredient absorption
  • L Theanine counterbalances the side effects of caffeine

Of course MyProtein is going to make these claims, as they’re trying to sell the product, however many of these claims, at least in relation to the ingredients that Thermopure contains, are backed up by studies to prove this to be the case.

Does ThermoPure Work? – Effectiveness

Now don’t get me wrong, im not saying you’re going to go from Uncle Phil to the Fresh Prince by taking ThermoPure. If you think that, you need to be taking more than just a fat burner!

fresh prince to ali

However if EVERYTHING else is in order then there is no reason why ThermoPure will not contribute to your fat loss efforts. Notice I said, help contribute, and not make you lose fat. If there was a magic pill that made you magically lose weight, then the American population wouldn’t consist of over 40% of Obese monsters (not srs – semi srs)

Getting the best results from ThermoPure

Before even considering taking ThermPure, I would recommend you adjust your diet and training to lose fat, without relying on a fat burning supplement. Following a month of consistent fat loss, that is when you should consider using a fat burning supplement such as ThermoPure. Now I can already hear you shouting at your computer screen ‘why wait to use it if it’s going to help me lose weight’. I know you’re thinking it, so im going to answer it for you!

When you start a fat loss diet, your goal should to to lose as much weight as possible, consuming as many calories as possible, and doing as little expenditure as possible… in the first stages of your fat loss diet.

Fat Loss Meme

Your body is more efficient, and has better physical performance when more calories are consumed. So if you’re able to lose 1.5 lbs a week, with out using a fat burning supplement such as Thermopure, on 3000 Calories a Day, doing cardio just 3 times a week, do that until you plateu. Why restrict your calories so early, and do too much cardio when you’re still burning fat without the use of a supplement? It doesn’t make sense. For an active gym goer, or serious bodybuilder, losing any more than 2 lbs a week will result in too much muscle tissue being lost, the exact opposite of what any one who works out wants to do.

So rather than crash dieting and looking to hammer fat loss pills to lose as much weight as possible, it is far more important to plan ahead, and give yourself enough time to lose fat, and maintain muscle. Like I say planning ahead is crucial. Diet is critical, and it is important to consume enough carbs (contrary to what ‘guru coaches will have you believe’, and to eat enough fat and protein. Of course protein supplements such as MyProtein Impact Whey, will help you consume the required amount of protein. I would ditch protein snacks such as protein bars or protein cookies in favour of whole foods, as I find them more filling. Bare in mind however, i am speaking as a bodybuilder who diets to compete on stage (in little red posing trunks I might like to add). For a recreational weight lifter, or someone who has no desire to compete as a bodybuilder, it is possible to continue to add something like a protein cookie into your diet, just factor it into your macro’s for the day.

There are other supplements such as creatine that will help you maintain your strength when you begin to lower your calorie intake, and raise your energy expenditure through increased cardio to obtain optimum fat loss. You can read our MyProtein Creatine Monohydrate Review to find out how creatine helps you make better gains, and exercise at a higher level.

When, and only when, your diet, cardio, and workouts are bang on, you can then look to add a fat burner, such as ThermoPure into your supplements plan.

ThermoPure Fat Loss Pills Aren’t Magic Beans

I want to make it clear, as the majority of the population believes that fat burners are magical beans, ripped straight from Jack & the bean stalk that will make the fat melt off your physique, and reveal 6 pack abs without Magic Fat Loss Pillshard work and dieting. It is then these people who dismiss the use of fat burners, and claim they are a waste of money.


I will go on record and say that fat burners are a waste of money if you’re not doing everything else correctly in order to lose weight. I will once again stress the importance of what i’ve said above (so go back an re-read that if you’d like to).

Let me make it clear in this ThermoPure Review that fat loss tablets will not work if you are not dieting and training effectively, and gearing your lifestyle around a fat loss goal.

So Why Buy ThermoPure?

ThermoPure is the ‘icing on the cake’, the ‘cherry on the bakewell’, and peak on top of that sculpted bicep. When everything else is in place, when you’re losing fat through your diet and training, and are looking to drop that last few pounds and get super shredded, this is when ThermoPure performs best for fat loss, as it the case with any quality fat burner.

ThermoPure from MyProtein will aid and assist in your fat loss goals, when everything else is correct. The effectiveness and usefulness will vary from person to person. If you have a realistic expectation on what ThermoPure capsules will help you achieve then you wont be disappointed by the results. The thermogenic effect will help raise your metabolism, allowing your body to feel more energised, and ramp up the fat burning capabilities that your body is able to naturally produce and achieve.

Side Effects

ThermoPure is, in my opinion, a very safe fat burner, as is the case with all My Protein supplements. I don’t use My Protein because they’re the cheapest supplement provider. I continue to use MyProtein because their supplements work, are cost effective, safe, and offer the best value for money.

Taking ThermoPure too close to bed time may cause sleeplessness, so I would advise taking them earlier in the day, and before you workout. Other than this, I am personally not aware of any health problems assocaited with the product.

Fat Burning Or Money Burning – The Verdict

Does ThermoPure Work?

In short, the answer is ‘yes’. ThermoPure does work, and will help your fat loss efforts. Providing you are doing everything else required to burn fat. If you begin using ThermoPure (or any other fat loss supplements) expecting to drop fat, without dieting correctly and training hard, then you’re a big fat idiot (srs).

If you’re serious about losing fat, maintaining muscle, and building a good physique, and are looking for a little something something to help your efforts, then I would recommend ThermoPure as a fat loss supplement.

Value For Money

ThermoPure offers great value for money, and is a far cheaper alternative to Maximuscle Thermobol (one of the market leading fat burners in the UK).

A tub of ThermoPure will cost you £13.99, and following the recommended usage (there is no need to take more than what MyProtein recommends) you’ll get between 30-45 servings from a tub. This means that for £13.99 you’re getting between a month, and 45 days worth of ThermoPure. However we often feature a myprotein discount code that will allow you to pick this up for 10% off the RRP, making it an even better value for money fat burner.

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

ThermoPure ReviewFor over a months supply of ThermoPure, its worth a punt for less than £14. That’s not even 50p a day, less than a cup of tea, less than a scabby bag of sweets from poundland, and less than a cheap ass condom (which will probably split and ruin your life).

If you’re serious about losing fat for summer, and have realistic expectations about how fat burners work, then I would definitely recommend giving ThermoPure a try. For this price, I’d recommend buying 2 tubs, which will give you 2-3 months to see results.

You can get your ThermoPure From MyProtein Here, and I’d recommend you use a discount code for my protein to get it for an ever cheaper price.

Id be really interested to see your results from using ThermoPure, so if you decide to try these out, make sure to take before and after photo’s, and share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, or buy letting us know how you found this fat burner down in the comments below.




Adam Foster is an aspiring bodybuilder, and has been training since a teenager. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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