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Solo is an all in one shake, to help fuel the gain train post workout. Containing whey protein, maltodextrin, oats, creatine and a range of amino acids Solo from Go Nutrition makes it easy to get everything you need to maximise your time spent in the gym, in one convenient shake.

“If you want to make quick, strong, gains, get this supplement now.” This was a customer comment left on the Go Nutrition Go Solo Review page.

I shit you not.

That isn’t how i’d summarise my Go Nutrition Solo review, BUT! I have been using the one shots of Solo that GoNutrition were kind enough to send me.

What is it, how does it taste, and most importantly, should you spend your hard earned cashola on it? Read on to find out.

What Is Go Nutrition’s Solo?

gonutrition solo reviewGo Nutrition Solo is a an all in one supplement. Similar in concept to Maximuscle Cyclone or Hurricane XS.

It’s branded under the Go Nutrition strength range of supplements.

Although, in all honesty, in all of my supplement reviews there are no supplements that are only geared to ‘strength training’. If you’re hitting the gym harder than Stone Cold Steve Austin hits a crate of Budweiser, than regardless of your goals, any supplement can (potentially) help your gains. And we’re all about them gains right?

Ingredients & Nutritional Information

Each serving of Solo is 70 grams, and contains

  • 229 kcal
  • 35.5g protein
  • 17.6g Carbohydrates
  • 2.1g Fat
  • 5g Creatine Monohydrate
  • 2 g Taurine
  • 500mg Leucine
  • 5g L Glutamine
  • 1.5 HMB
  • 500mg Vitamin C

Solo contains the following ingredients

  • Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • Maltodextrin
  • Pure Fine Oats
  • Creatine Monohydrate
  • L Glutamine
  • L Taurine
  • HMB
  • L Leuicine

Go Nutritin Solo IngredientsThis is both a solid ingredients list, and nutritional profile.

What i Love about Go Nutrition is their transparency with listing the quantities of ingredients. No proprietary blends! This means you know exactly how much of each supplement you’re putting into your body.

Something that always confuses me with supplements is the inclusion of isolate & concentrate. In my opinion, both are not needed.

Using just the GoNutrition Whey Isolate would have been ample, albeit the price will have most likely been bumped up. This isn’t something that just Go Nutrition does, The Protein Works, My Protein and many of the bulk protein suppliers also do it. It seems redundant to include WPC & WPI in a protein blend, but who am I to judge their decisions.

The protein sources used are some of the highest quality available however. Whey Protein has an awesome biological availability, meaning you’re going to digest it easily, and absorb all the best nutrients from it.

Maltodextrin is the perfect post workout carbohydrate source, and is something I use in my post workout shakes. Oats are a bodybuilding diet staple, and are a go to for anyone pumping iron. (Oats also makes one of my favourite meals, check out this cherry bakewell high protein oatmeal recipe I made)

That carbohydrate content seems lower than what is typically recommended for a post workout shake however. A widely used ratio is a combination of 1:1 or 2:1 (carbs to protein).

The carbohydrate content in GoNutritions’ Solo is actually half that of the protein. Some of their other products, such as their mass gainers, do sport a higher carb content however.

As someone who uses Amino Acids, Glutamine, Creatine and supplements with Vitamin C, its good to see that GN Solo contains all of these.

I tend to buy all of these different supplements separately, and weigh each out into my shaker. Its a bit of a faff on, so having them all in one shake certainly makes things a lot easier.

Taste & Texture

At the time of writing this Go Nutrition Solo Review, it came in 7 different flavours.

Jammie Biscuit, Maple Syrup & Pancake, Rhubarb & Custard, Strawberries & Cream, Turkish Delight, Triple Chocolate, Vanilla Ice Cream.

Not as many as their whey protein’s, but still a good selection.

Jammie Biscuit, Maple Syrup & Pancake, Turkish Deligh and Rhubarb & Custard are quite unique flavours. The Jammie Biscuit flavoured protein tasted like awesome sauce fresh from the udder of the flavour cow. The Maple syrup & pancake flavoured protein from Go Nutrition was like awesome source on steroids.

The 3 flavours of Solo I used where vanilla, strawberries & cream and maple syrup pancake.

Go Nutrition Solo Review

Each of the flavours tastes good, but not quite on the same level that is the awesome sauce of Go Nutrition’s whey protein.

I know, from my own experience, that as soon as you add glutamine, or any kind of amino acids into a shake, the taste does change (for the worst).

Solo is available in plenty of flavours so you’re bound to find one you can stomach. Where as with the majority of protein shakes Im left wishing i had a gallon more of it to drink, because it was so nice. Solo doesn’t leave that same impression. I necked each serving and thought nothing more of it.

On the plus side, it mixes just fine with water. I was just adding water to the one shot bottles and it mixed, without any clumps.

Does Go Nutrition Solo Work?

Taste is all well and good (well for Solo its average) however im more concerned with if a supplement actually works.

Im happy to say, yes. Yes it does sir.

The mix of quality whey protein, complex carbs, and additional amino’s makes for a power house of a post workout shake.

I can’t attribute my gains to using this, as i’ve only used it a few times, but it contains everything you need, in good amounts.

I would confidently use this as a post workout shake going forward. I would personally like to see more carbohydrates in it, but at the same time when im prepping for a show, I prefer to get as many carbs as I can through food. So in that sense, the lower carb content is actually beneficial.


As is the case with all GoNutrition supplements (and bulk suppliers) pricing of their products is very competitive, and far cheaper than big name brands.

Solo is available in a 4kg for £58.99. That will give you 57 servings, which works out at just £1.03 each.

That’s almost 2 months worth if you’re using it every day. I personally would only really use this post workout, so you’re getting 57 post workout shakes for £58.99. Cheaper than a night out on the piss.

You can get it for even cheaper than that however, by heading over to our Go Nutrition Voucher Page, and using one of our discount codes.

You can also sign up to our newsletter to make sure you’re always notified of the latest offers, deals, savings & discounts.

The Bottom Line

GoNutrition Solo Customer ReviewsIf you’re serious about your workouts and making gains (which if you’re reading this Go Nutrition Solo Review, i’d guess you are super serious bro) then a good post workout shake is essential.

For an affordable, and convenient, way to make sure you’re getting everything you need post workout, carbs, protein, amino’s and creatine, then Solo is a worthwhile addition to your supplement stack. It contains a low amount of carbs, making it easy to fit into your diet whether bulking, cutting or maintaining. If you feel the need for additional carbs you can always add an aditional maltrodextrin, oats, dextrose or whatever the hell you want to add into it. The protein content is spot on however, as is everything else.

Using Solo saved me a fair bit of time each night when i was preparing my supplements for the following day. For just over a quid a serving, (cheaper using our exclusive discount codes) it’s not going to break the bank either.

You can stay up to date with GoNutrition over on Twitter or Facebook.

Buy Go Nutrition Solo

You can get more information and buy Solo from the Go Nutrition website by clicking here.

Remember to visit our Go Nutrition Discount Page to save money on every order you place at GoNutrition.

Get 15% Off  Solo.

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