8 Signs You’re a True #fitfam Girl (and Fitness Addict)

fitfam girl 1In between taking selfies in the gym mirror, or snapping a pic of your dinner (which is a bowl of cereal, peanut butter and protein cookies) you’ve probably littered the “#fitfam” around on instagram and twitter a few times.

Whether you’re a female lifter, or have a girlfriend or wife who lifts, the following 8 signs are all sure fire positives of a #fitfam girl. How many are you (or someone you know) guilty of?

1 – Your Dining Set Is Nothing But Tupperware

You know how some people watch Great British Bake Off or Come Dine With Me, and instead of commenting on the food, they comment on how lovely the plates, bowls or table cloths are…..

You don’t give a shit. Why? Because your idea of fine dining is eating your meal out of freshly microwaved tupperware.

Most gym goers will meal prep, and stack their food in tupperware, ready to take to work, or a journey out the house. But when they’re home, they’ll ditch the plastic lunch boxes and eat like a regular person.

Not a #fitfam girl. A true fitfam girl won’t clutter up her home with PLATES!

Straight out of the oven, straight into the tupperware.

Oh and when you need to get fancy because you have guests? You lay the tupperware on the lid. No more table cloths.


2 – Your Meal Plan Is Like An Art Gallery

We’ve all overly impressed ourselves when we add a little bit of colour to our meals.

Chicken and rice? That’s just boring.

Chicken and rice with some red & green peppers, pass me my camera – I have art to capture damn it!

A true #fitfamgirl devotes her instagram, twitter, pinterest and anything else to her daily meal plan.

fitfam instagram meal prep

A modern museum of yours, and others, daily eats.

If this sounds like you, then when you aren’t lifting, eating, or adding a filter to your own culinary delight of eggs & spinach, you’re double tapping an infinite scroll of food pictures you’ve already ate, or already have prepared to eat.

It’s not sad, its #fitfam !

3 – Your Idea Of “Dressing Up” Is Matching Leggings & Vest

So, while must girls are worrying about how they can top last weekends little high heel get up, you’re sat in bed, peanut butter in 1 hand, phone in the other hand getting giddy about the new gym leggings you’re about to order.

They’ll go great with that new vest you’ve been saving for a “special occasion”.

That special occasion being new leggings and leg day.

4 – Your High Heels Are Your Powerlifting Shoes

Normal girls have heels that cripple their calves, and burns the soles of their feet. They wear them for a few hours on a saturday night before the pain gets too much and are seen hobbling round like a bunch of hobbits.

high heels

Not you. The only heels you own are a inch high. Your dance floor to flaunt them is a power rack. You don’t wear them to slut drop. You wear them to squat like its hot.

Where most girls own dozens of fancy shoes for dressing up and going out in, your wardrobe has a pair of day shoes, night-out shoes, then a stack of trainers and gym shoes…… and you’re always buying more.

5 – Peanut Butter

#fitfam girls can relate to being a peanut butter addict. Need I say more? Not really, because we all know a picture says a thousand words…. and this is you.

sad woman peanut butter on fingers

6 – Your Dessert Would Score You a 0 On Come Dine With Me

We’ve all watched the car crashes that get served on Come Dine With Me. I particularly love looking at the desserts though. Someone Monday night thinks they’re getting graded by Mary Berry, and going all British bake off to try and nock up a spectacular sponge, fitting of Queen Victoria. Others find it an effort to scrape out Tesco’s finest & open up a tin of Ambrosia. It’s great car-crash tv!

Well when you do dessert, you do it with protein powder. For those who have never baked with protein, you’ve probably not learned to convince yourself that a dry, rubber tasteless mug of whey protein (that you’re set on convincing yourself is a mug cake, and (the extremely laughable) “even tastes better than a real chocolate cake!

Well, that’s probably a #fitfam girls dream dessert. Believe me, you’re getting a 0 if you serve that one up.

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In all seriousness though, protein desserts/snacks aren’t all that bad. Some of them are pretty damn good. Your dessert recipe’s range from homely, heart-warming classics such as mug cakes (not quite a threat to Mr Kiplings, but still good. You might even be able to whip up nutella inspired brownies, to cheese cakes made from muscle mousse or a flex bowl with protein bars, cereal and protein dessert.

come dine with me fitfam dessert

Regardless of what you make, its packed full of protein, and you love it.

Oh and judging by the number of likes you’ve had on instagram, your fitfam buddies love it to.

But remember, you’ll get a 0 on Come Dine With Me (and you happily accept that)

7 – A Washing Basket & A Gym Basket

Any organised girl has a washing and drying ritual (don’t pretend you don’t).

A pink basket for dirty underwear, a black basket for dirty clothes, a white basket for clean clothes, you know what i mean.

However any self-respecting #fitfam girl has the “gym basket” is there last nights leggings end up after you’ve squatted the hell out of them.

Oh – and it’s always full to the brim.

8 – The “Stash”

Everyone has their biscuit cupboard, chocolate tin, or sweet sanctuary.

A true #fitfam girl however, has their “stash”.

This full of emergency snacks, protein packed goodies, cereal bars, nuts & seeds, the aforementioned peanut butter. The list could go on and on.

Whether its a cheat day treat, or an emergency protein cookie while you’re on the go, you’re snack game is stacked, jacked and ready to roll out.

a peanut butter addict stash of peanut butter

How Many Are You Guilty Of?

We all know someone who is guilty of at least one of the above. How many are YOU guilty of?

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Adam Foster is an aspiring bodybuilder, and has been training since a teenager. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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